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Matt Carrell was born in Brighton, England more years ago than he cares to remember. The son of Irish immigrants, he graduated from London University and then trained as an accountant. For more than two decades he enjoyed a successful career in the Financial Services industry. Matt's work involved a great deal of international travel and he developed a particular affection for Hong Kong and Thailand.

Matt's first published work was a series of short stories entitled Thai Lottery... and Other Stories from Pattaya, Thailand. The idea for the book emerged while watching tickets being sold by a Bangkok street vendor, and hearing from a friend about the perils of getting involved in the parallel underworld lottery. Inspired by enthusiastic feedback from readers he started work on Thai Kiss, his first full length novel, this was published in May 2013. His second novel, Vortex, is also largely set in Thailand and draws on Matt's extensive experience of the investment industry.

Breaking the Thai theme, Matt has also written a short story, Something Must Be Done, about a High School shooting, set in the USA.

Matt and his wife divide their time between England and the French Alps, with frequent trips to Asia. They are both passionate about sport, with skiing, football and golf heading the list.

Sue Magee at BookBag published this interview with Matt Carrell in May 2014

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A couple of observations from Matt Carrell

Writing has opened up a new world and enabled me to make many new friends across the world. With two published works set in the Thai sex industry, the first question most people ask his how much direct experience I have of the type of things described in my books. There is an assumption that I could not possibly have such a deep understanding of the Thai bar scene without having immersed myself in it completely. Oddly enough, nobody who has read my story about a High School shooting thinks that I have murdered anyone.

Feedback from readers has been an unexpected pleasure. You can read some of the reviews here:
. It is incredibly rewarding to see 5 star reviews from people who enjoyed my books. One of my favourite pieces of feedback, however, has come from more than one reader who has suspected that Matt Carrell might be a pseudonym. Having worked diligently for a year to write the 103,000 words contained in Thai Lottery, it is strange but nonetheless amusing to hear the question.
How did you think up the name Matt Carrell? Trust me that was not the hard part.

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