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In nature, the vortex takes many forms. On land or at sea it is mesmerising, powerful and destructive. When Andy Duncan secures a dream job in an Asian investment company, he discovers that the same forces apply in business. The pursuit of power, money and status blurs moral boundaries and once the first line is crossed the vortex will drag you in. Duncan is learning to play the game, but those around him are changing all the rules and he soon realises that his career, his freedom and even his life may be at stake. He is thrown many lifelines, the question is whether he can trust his saviours and whether he's willing to pay the price they demand.

Available as a paperback and as an e-book from Amazon.


Thai Kiss

Paul Murphy desperately wants to be a big shot but the pursuit of fortune often comes with a heavy price.  For Paul, it's the life of his best friend and partner, Tommy, apparently murdered for encroaching on a local drug gang's turf.  Paul, a lowly hospital porter, fearful that he'll be next, flees to Thailand to lay low while reconnecting with Tommy's supplier in Pattaya. He meets the enchanting Yim and, veering from his intended plan, starts to rebuild his life running a chain of bars. Sonthi, a local heavy, offers protection for a price and the corrupt Mongkut ensures that the police will turn a blind eye.  So many want a share of Paul's success, but when greed prevails and they get tired of sharing, it's Paul's liberty and life itself that are on the line.


Something Must Be Done

Sam Bailey is a long way from home. Fleeing a family tragedy, he and his mother make a new home in California. City life in the loudest, brashest, most confident country in the world is more than just a few thousand miles away from a sleepy village on the east coast of England. It's a transition that's only made a little easier by the fact that Sam carries his friends around on his laptop, and only meets them online. When a nearby school falls victim to another bloody rampage, the reaction is felt across America. Something must be done. Sam's school principal is determined that he will not be the next senior teacher explaining how children were murdered on his watch. He knows exactly what he has to do.

Before you make your mind up about how kids should be kept safe at school, read Something Must Be Done, it will make you think again.

Something must be done is a short story. At around eight thousand words it is around one tenth the length of a full novel. 


Thai Lottery... and Other Stories from Pattaya, Thailand

A collection of thirteen stories set in Thailand's most notorious city

Sarai wasn’t like the other go-go dancers. She knew that a few thousand pounds a year would be enough to take care of her whole family, but Sarai wasn’t dancing just to send money home every month. She had discovered that selling tickets for the illegal Thai Lottery was more dangerous than she could ever have imagined, and now she owed a great deal of money.

Thai Lottery is the story of the lengths a girl will go to when a debt becomes a matter of life and death, and of the westerners who have bought their own tickets to a more personal lottery. They come to Thailand looking for something that's missing from their lives. Some may be lucky but for a few the result will be utter despair.

For more information on all the stories please visit -
Thai Lottery

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